Thanks to the experience of MFC Progetti improved also with the acquisition of the trade mark Inoxteril® well known in pharmaceutical field, the activity of MFC Progetti has been improved in the pharmaceutical and organic synthesis and sterile technologies as hereunder reported:
The plant is practically suitable to manufacture any kind of products by chemical reactions requiring heating, thermostatisation, distillation, phase separation, precipitation operations. It is equipped with connections for service fluids such as steam, water, brine or other thermovector fluids for very low temperature (-80°C).
The construction material can be common stainless steel (AISI 304 - 316L), duplex steel (SAF 2205) and corrosion resistant alloys (Hastelloy C-276 -B3).
R-1 reactor is equipped with: special designed agitation system (anchor, double turbine mixer, impeller) with speed controlled by a variable frequency driver or by an oleodynamic variator:
internal baffles are provided to increase the thermal exchange;
manhole and sight glass with illumination lamp;
support saddles for the installation on the structure;
safety devices such as rupture disks or pressure safety valves.
C-01 column may be added if rectification is needed to separate secondary products or two phase solvents. The column can be used also for high quality solvent recovery.
SC -01 tank is used to add liquid raw material or solutions to the mass controlling the flow rate.
SR-01A/B are tanks suitable to collect distillate permit head separation for not mixable fluids.
The heating and cooling system is completely controlled by PLC.
The lower head and the cylindrical part of the reactor are provided with half coil for heating and cooling, arranged with several inlets to improve the heat exchange or to adapt the exchange surface to the actual mass content.
We provide also for installation with DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ procedures and FDA validation documents.
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