The polluted air rich of solvent is sent to the working adsorber unit. Thanks to his adsorbent capacity the active carbons bed catches and holds the solvents, the purified air is exhausted to the atmosphere. When the carbons bed reaches its saturation grade it is necessary to regenerate it and continue to work switching to the other unit. The active carbon regeneration is performed by hot nitrogen or steam according to the properties of the solvent processed. Steam or inert gas warms up opportunely the carbons bed and desorbs the holded solvent, this stripping mixture, coming out the adsorber, is sent to a condensation group, where the solvent vapours are condensed and the liquid is recovered in a surge vessel. The steam or inert gas, free from the solvent, is heated again and recycled back to the carbons bed until the regeneration cycle is completed. At the end of this phase, and after a suitable cooling of the carbons bed, the unit is ready to work again in the adsorption phase, this way it is possible to operate the plant continuously. The recovered solvent afterwards can be passed, if needed, to a distillation unit for final purification. All the plant operation are controlled from one control panel, the regeneration phase start-up of a bed can be operated in manual as well as in automatic mode.