dimethylformamide (DMF) recovery plants for the synthetic leather, acrylic fibre, polyurethane elastic yarn and pharmaceuticals industries;

       dimethylacetamide (DMAC) recovery plants for the above fields;

       acrylic fibre plants;

       synthetic leather plants;

       PU elastic yarn wet and dry spinning plants;

       polluted air treatment plants (thermal  oxidizer);

       coating machine vent treatment units (DMF scrubbers and DOP filters);

       activated carbon adsorption units;

       vent gas absorption with special organic liquids;

       solvents recovery plants;

       polyester and alkyd resins production plants;

       ureic, phenolic, melamine resins production plants;

       DOP,DNP and other phthalates production plants;

       polyurethane polymer production plants;

       hot melts (EVA) production plants;

       process plants for organic syntheses both chemical and pharmaceutical sectors;

       fermentation plants in the antibiotic and food sector ;

       food and cosmetic plants;

       copper recovery plants from electronic scraps;